What are leads? And what is lead generation? The word “lead” traces its roots to sales marketing and refers to an interested person who could be led into becoming a customer.

Lead generation therefore means the acquisition of interested individuals, and thus potential customers, for your products or services. Generating leads is absolutely crucial for acquiring new customers for your company. We are an experienced team for lead generation and have been successfully helping our clients acquire new customers for many years now.

We take several different approaches to lead generation: In one approach, we use blogs, social media channels and landing pages, optimizing them for search engines; and in another, we actively promote campaigns through email marketing and display advertising as well as blog and social media marketing.

By doing this we direct the attention of interested individuals to you or your product so your customers will receive information about your company, products and services in the future as well. These are leads with a strong potential to become your future customers.

We position activities in these channels that are popular and successful with users — including contests, surveys, gift certificates and product samples — to generate leads so you can acquire new customers. We provide you comprehensive advising support and help you to quickly and effectively generate new leads.