In the area of online marketing, email marketing is the fastest, most measurable way to establish a direct contact with your potential customers. Available around the clock, the internet is being used by more and more companies as a powerful distribution channel.

Email communication offers many advantages that need to be taken into consideration for a marketing strategy to be successful. In addition to our delivery volume with 2.4 million double opt-in data records, we’d like to highlight the potential of email marketing for its ability to address specific target groups and to direct the attention of these consumers to your services and products. In a manner similar to traditional marketing, you can draw on your experience to choose the targeting of specific groups and products to then have us send your mailed promotional message to interested individuals with the speed and measurability standard for online marketing.

Through these mailings, we transparently and measurably transmit your promotional message quickly and in real time to the target group of your choice. Email marketing breaks new ground in the areas of targeting specific groups and options for control. You can individually determine the approach to targeting the specific group and product as well as control and monitor the exact delivery time and execution of your promotional mailings.

Use of a controlled contact path optimizes your email marketing success. As specialists, we don’t stop at just handling the technical side of things: If you would like, we also support your campaign from conception and layout to evaluation of the reporting. We not only have our mailing team deliver this support, we also provide all technical resources such as delivery software and detailed tracking and analysis tools.